Cleaning Hacks
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Cleaning Hacks

How to NOT clean up tissues.

by Stephanie on 10/04/14

With allergy and flu season around the corner, let's keep those tissues from laying all over your bed, floor, and furniture by following this one simple step. All you need is a box of tissues, an empty box of tissues, and tape. Simply tape the two boxes together and you have a receptacle for the soiled tissues.

How to get rid of carpet indents from moving furniture.

by Stephanie on 09/16/14

To get rid of those indents left on carpet from furniture setting on it, simply place ice cubes on the indents and leave overnight. The next day take a fork and fluff the carpet.

How to clean your keyboard and gaming controllers.

by Stephanie on 08/30/14

Grab a post it sticky note, and use the sticky side to run it along the keys on your keyboard. For gaming controllers, fold the sticky note in half 2 times, making sure the sticky side is out, and run it through the crevices on the controller.

How to clean oven spills.

by Stephanie on 08/02/14

We have all experienced the spill over in the oven. Next time this happens, act fast! Turn the oven off and grab a handful of table salt, pour the salt on the spill while the oven is still hot but off. Let it set until oven is cool and take a spatula and some paper towels to scrape the mess up. Remember the key to this tip is acting fast.

How to clean oil marks/hand prints from walls.

by Stephanie on 07/07/14

All you will need is a piece of white chalk, dry cloth, and water. Doodle over the oil mark with the white chalk, let it set for 5-10 minutes so the chalk will absorb the oil. Next take the dry cloth and dampen with a little water, not the entire cloth, wipe over the chalk with the damp side, then flip your cloth and dry.